Differences In Aluminum Plate

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byAlma Abell

When planning on beginning a project which will use aluminum, you need to know what type of aluminum you need. There’s no point in simply going to an aluminum supplier and asking for some aluminum. It will be as useful as going to an estate agents and simply going I need a house. You simply open up the floor to loads of follow up questions. What do you need it for? What grade do you need? What size? In order to get your job done right, you need to do prior research and go to the supplier already knowing what you need. Granted you don’t need to become an expert on the subject, but knowing what things mean will make it less likely for any miscommunication to occur. Below, you will find more information about how to name and explain the most commonly used types of aluminum (2024 aluminum plate, 6061 aluminum plate and 7075 aluminum plate) with the hope to educate and help all those eager to begin their projects.

2024 T351 Aluminum PlateThis grade of aluminum is best suited for smaller, higher pressure parts, such as hydraulic manifolds, structural integrity strengthening, fuselage structural and other applications where constant pressure will be applied. If you’re looking for a long life, constant performing metal, then this is your best bet. The grade was introduced into the industry by Alcoa Inc. in 1931 and has been in constant suppler ever since. Normally this grade comes in plate form with a .250 to 6.00 inch thickness.

6061 Aluminum Plate6061 aluminum plate is the most commonly used grade of aluminum used today due to its all-round general usage applications. This anti-rust, weldable metal’s properties gives it the edge of traditional cast metals when dealing with machine parts and mechanical usage. The strength levels are less than its 2024 and 7075 counterparts, but it makes up for it in its flatness and thickness tolerances (3.00 inch widths to 60.5 inches wide) which has led to the term ‘precision plate’ becoming associated with the 6061 aluminum plate grade.

7075 T651 Aluminum PlateThis grade of aluminum plate was introduced once again by Alcoa Inc. in 1943 and is generally used for aerospace applications. The addition of other elements help to improve the resistance of stress-corrosion caused cracking. Its overall impressive performance makes it ideal for aerospace industry uses and easier to be machined to a satisfactory surface finish. Generally this grade can be made from .125 to 8.0 inches thick and from 48.5 or 60.5 inches wide.

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