Most Frequently Used Gd Topic For Campus Placement 2017 18}

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Most Frequently used GD Topic for campus placement 2017- 18


Dr Rajiv Srivastava

A group discussion is an arrangement where a group of individuals sit and share their ideas and opinions on a certain topic. Body language and speaking skills result in an effective group discussion.

Means, the GD board is taking examination whether you know the subject well, are able to present your point of view in a reasonable manner, are noticed in understanding what others feel about the same subject and are able to conduct yourself with elegance in a group situation.

1) Murderous Online Games – How to Protect Our Youth?

The society in which we are residing suicide is supposed to be an evil factor which is not supported by any religion and it is treated as illegal act in our law. Then what motivates these teenagers to get involved in such dangerous acts. In my opinion today’s lifestyle which has made our behavior quite mechanical. Modern family has transformed from joint to nuclear which has created a gap in relationships. People are busy enough in their household responsibilities ignoring basic relations. Maximum suffering is faced by teenagers as they are in transition age they need time and advice of their elders which is ignored in the family due to many practical reasons. Such circumstances are leading to a feeling of loneliness which makes teenagers to get diverted towards online friends, games and other activities. This world of internet is full of positive and negative aspects. A child of age group between 12 to16 is too small to handle this world of fascination accordingly he is trapped by some persons with negative intentions. Blue whale game is one of them.

2) Bullet trains in India: pros and cons:

While the country seemed excited when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a diamond quadrilateral of bullet trains to connect the four major cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai in his venture called Smart cities project, critics have a lot to say. There are reasons to be happy about this project and there are reasons that drive us to ponder if this is the first priority of a nation with majority of its population below poverty line. Let us look at it from all point of views and generate our own opinion on this.

3)Hard work or Smart work – Which is important?

If you only work harder you get a high-quality end product, better intellect of achievement, and appreciably more assurance in what you have done, and you receive much more respect for the work put forth.

Smart work and hard work both walks together. Smartness needs experience and experience comes with hard work. For example In any exam be it aptitude or other subjective exam person do lot of hard work to clear all its concepts and then only he can apply shortcuts to solve those problems in shorter time. I have paid attention anywhere that you must know how to do hard work but in a smarter way to endure in today’s world.

4)Demonetization, Merits and Demerits of cashless economy:

The government of India recently took a bold step to demonetize Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency, which means that the legal tender of currency units is declared invalid from the specified date.

Demonetization of currency means discontinuity of the said currency from circulation and replacing it with a new currency.

Most of the people hailed the Modi’s strong decision, while poor were shocked by the move. The overnight decision changed the life of many as black money holders were worried about the pile of cash they were sitting on. Many poor daily wage workers were left with no job and income as owners were unable to pay their daily wage.

5)Smart phones Start Up India,

India is now the second-largest smartphone market in the world after China. The Mark 1 is launching at a tough time for Indian smartphone makers, however, as they battle competition from foreign companies. For example, Micromax was the top smartphone brand in India last year, but that position has been supplanted by Samsung. Xiaomi and Lenovo are also aggressively wooing Indian consumers”even though both companies are based in China, they each opened a smartphone manufacturing plant in India last year.

Everyone else boosts the same hardware, cameras, and processors. There’s no point in doing that anymore, Srinivas says. That’s why we believe our philosophy is very, very valid, because at the end of the day, the user is not going to see the hardware. They will see the software and the more the user can get from the software month after month, the more attached they will be.

Stand Up India –

Prospering Entrepreneurial Culture, There are different motives why the young generation more willing to go and start their own company rather than being a part of MNCs.Youth is more risking taking and ready to take up even the most challenging task. Equipped with self confidence, knowledge, capability to work in teams and other skills which are pretty much required to succeed in the corporate world.

They are very much hard working and have a go getters attitude. They want to put in a lot of efforts and in return expect an equivalent returns. The MNCs demand dedication but they are not able to reciprocate it with their rewards causing a feeling of frustration.

Start Ups give the freedom to the person to way in which he always wanted to work. Setting their own rules and the chance to realize the dreams. It requires a huge effort to make a Start Up successful but the youth is ready to face the challenge and deliver despite the hindrances that he may face.

They want to solve the problems of the world, they want to contribute in the nation building and money is seldom their end motive. They want to generate values by their hard work and work passionately to achieve their task.

6)Do we really need Smart Cities?

The rate of migration from rural to urban areas is increasing across the world day by day. By 2050, around 70% of the people will be living in cities and India is no exception in this regard. There is a promising require for the cities to get smarter in India so that it would handle the issues related with the large scale urbanization. Smart city can be defined as a city which should be equipped with basic infrastructure to give a decent quality of life.

Newly, our Prime Minister Modiji has declared in his apparition to set up around 100 smart cities across the nation. The 100 smart city missions tend to promote the adoption of smart solutions for the proper use of available resources and infrastructure.

The objective of the

SIRT Bhopal

placement cell is to encourage and create awareness among the students about the professional requirements of the employers and through the internships the students learn the working culture of companies and have a more mature understanding of the needs of the employers. Group Discussions are on of the mandatory topics of the training and placement classes organized by SIRT

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