Making An Investment In Dubai}

Making an Investment in Dubai


Soniya You just need to ensure that you are going to pay attention to every detail of the pitch that the entrepreneur makes. Other than that, you will have to compare the different risks and advantages that each of these business ideas have to offer before you make a final decision. Even though you might be tempted to look for Business for Sale in UAE the old fashioned way, you should know that you will start feeling frustrated soon enough.If you are wondering why that is, you should know that it is all because you have to actually look for a way to make an Investment in Dubai. You can pick up a few papers and take a look at the list of businesses that offer their services or you could look online for businesses that need funding. All this takes time and you are unable to know for sure that your money will be put to good use. It is always best to do everything through the right channel.For example, when you join the right business platform, you know for sure that the individuals you communicate with are exactly who they say they are. How do you have this type of guarantee? Well, the right platform will not allow any pitchers to present their ideas if their accounts are not verified. This means that entrepreneurs will need to provide accurate details about themselves if they want to have access to all the great features of the website and to actual investors.As soon as you realize that this is the smartest way of finding the best business to invest in, you will be able to get to the point where you actually write a check in a short time. You will just need to create your account, your profile and deal with all settings. Make sure that you write down your interests as soon as possible so that you can receive alerts when there are businesses that match these interests or that you can be contacted by pitchers that will tell you more about their business ideas.Resource box: If you are determined to find the best Business for Sale in UAE so that you can make an Investment in Dubai in the near future, the best idea that you could have would be to click on the right link and visit our website. Here is where you can connect with other investors or entrepreneurs and become partners!Real estate investments have been recognized as a lucrative business all over the world. Dubai also has appeared as one of the flourishing real-estate markets on the global level. Professional investors are now keen to make their investment in Dubai to enlarge their businesses abroad for earning excellent revenues. Dubai property investment market has strong capacity to deliver excellent revenues, to investors making investment. The Prime cause of becoming property investor’s paradise is emirate’s ability to deliver high revenues and more possibility to double the investment capital.Property costs in Dubai are increasing, but costs are still very reasonable compared to property costs in the global market. This ensures investors to double their capital sum invested here. Making investment in commercial and residential estate industry is extremely effective; since analysts have forecasted that property demand will carry on. With all such offerings, investment in Dubai is not a bad option at all.

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Managerial Theories Adopted By Bwtv}

Managerial Theories Adopted by BWTV


Robert II Smith

World War II gave birth to the quantitative management perspective. Large companies during the post-war period adopted quantitative techniques adopted by the military for the effective management of resources.

Daft (1998) noted that the classical management perspective worked well in the United States during the 1950s to 1960s. He attributed the success of this management perspective to World War II which shuttered the economies of Japan and Europe, leaving the playing field to the North Americans.

The 1980s according to Daft (1998) created a paradigm shift in management as companies changed corporate cultures. Companies began to value leaner organizations, flexibility and the capability to serve customers fast. This was the period when the management perspective shifted from the classical to the contingency management perspective which belongs to the domain of the contemporary management theory. The paradigm shift became necessary to address the changes in the rapidly changing business environment. Such changes include, among others, globalization, advances in technology and communications, and diversity. Organizations also started to be concerned about ethics and social responsibility as it started to have a public face as a corporate citizen.

The shift from the older management approaches does not necessarily mean that they have no value to the companies today. Davidson and Griffin (2006) explains that the contemporary management theory seeks to integrate the valuable elements of the classical, behavioral and qualitative management perspectives through the systems theory and the contingency theory.

The challenge now for companies is how to successfully blend the theories by drawing lessons from the past and adopt to a management style that will drive the organization to effectively accomplish its mission and realize its vision.

With the mention of DVDs in the case, BWTV is obviously a company that started after the 1980s. The company should, therefore, be concerned about the contemporary challenges that it must face to operate viably and effectively.

Joseph’s interest in knowing the managerial theory that BWTV is currently adopting indicates that he is on the right track.

The organizational environment contains forces that operate around an organization and have potential impact on the operations and resources of the company. Davidson and Griffin (2006) explained that a company has its internal and external environment. The external environment is defined to be anything outside of the organization while the internal environment refers to the conditions and forces within the organization.

Organizations can manage the internal environment more effectively because they are in direct control of the conditions and forces within the organzition. The external environment, on the other hand, represents forces that cannot be controlled by the organziation. Environmental uncertainties posed by the external environment can only be managed but not controlled by an organization.

The extenal forces have been categorized by David (2001) into (1) economic forces, (2) social, cultural, demographic and environmental forces, (3) political, governmental and legal forces, (4) technological forces, and (5) competitive forces. Davidson and Griffin (2006) included international dimension as the sixth force and collectively termed these forces as the general environment which is one of the layers of the external environment.

The other layer, according to Davidson and Griffin (2006) is the task envrironment which is composed of the cumpetitors, customers, suppliers, regulators and strategic alliances.

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