An Auto Accident Attorney In Kalamazoo Mi Will Fight For Justice For You

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byAlma Abell

Can you afford to have an auto accident? Well, that’s not exactly something most people spend a lot of time thinking about. After all, being involved in an accident isn’t written down in the day planner.

One cost estimate comes from the National Safety Council. They reported that a ‘Nonfatal Disabling Injury’ in 2012 would have an economic cost of $78,900. In other words, they calculated that the median auto accident costs of lost wages, medical expenses, damage to the vehicle, uninsured costs of the employer and administrative expenses were $78,900. That did not include putting any dollar value to diminished quality of life or pain and suffering.

There are a number of different ways of figuring out the cost of accidents, but they generally come from a government agency or insurance companies. In ‘real life’, the costs would have to include much more. At least some of the household chores formerly performed by the injured person will need to be done by someone paid to perform that work (for example, childcare costs, cleaning, car maintenance or yard work). The total cost of medical bills for many injuries cannot be known for years. There will be many unanticipated expenses that would not have been incurred except for the accident. The ‘real life’ median cost of this hypothetical accident would be much higher than $78,900.

An insurance company settlement for that amount would be inadequate, no matter how good it sounded at the time. Unanticipated expenses, the lost quality of life and constant pain have a value, especially to the one doing the suffering. After an accident, the insurance company only has one goal: settling for as little as possible. They have a team of people, including many lawyers, working on that goal and they pursue it every day. When the accident is caused by another’s negligence, fair compensation is justice, pure and simple. Achieving justice for the injured person in the Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo region is the job of an experienced Auto Accident Attorney in Kalamazoo MI.

Richard L. Migala has been fighting for his clients as an Auto Accident Attorney in Kalamazoo MI for more than 20 years. In addition to his legal skills, he has the knowledge he gained in his former profession of police officer and investigator. Choose Richard L. Migala, Attorney At Law to fight for all of the compensation due you.