The Unavoidable Rising Costs Of Electricity

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Submitted by: Ronald Harral

You can probably relate to this scenario: I walk out to my mailbox, open it up, and I delightfully find several envelopes waiting patiently for me. Among these, of course, is my wonderful power bill, quietly hiding under the harmless junk mail, crouching like a ferocious tiger who is ready to pounce upon his oblivious prey. I usually ignore this bill at first, putting it on the bottom of the pile while I peruse the more interesting stuff. After all, who needs a heart attack after a hard days work?

I think you know this familiar story. The sad part is that most people helplessly watch their power bill slowly increase each month, not knowing what to do about it. With all the renewable energy alternatives that are being implemented out there by our power companies, you would think at some point we would see our costs decrease, but so far we have seen only the opposite. These rising costs not only hit us deep at home, but also raises the costs of every product and service we pay for.

What’s worse is that the government in all its wisdom has decreed that we need to conserve electricity. How do they propose to do this? By raising our electricity costs 20 to 50%! What can possibly be done about this?

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If you live in an area like where I live, you’ve probably seen massive installations of wind generators in surrounding farm fields. Power companies across the country are racing to build solar and wind generation sites, mainly because of government-mandated reductions in fossil-fuel consumption. I’ve seen hundreds of new wind generators erected, but what is the real underlying reason for this? FREE ENERGY!!! These companies are harnessing power from free natural resources that never dry up, wear out, or decay! Although their initial equipment costs are high (they are heavily subsidized as well), this energy will eventually pay for itself, but do you honestly think that they will someday pass the savings on to the consumer? I think we all know that answer.

We face even more problems, now that the economy has tanked and jobs are becoming scarce. The big government contractors are even feeling the pinch, as subsidies are being reduced to fund these projects. They’ve closed some of their factories that produce wind turbine and solar products. The government has even threatened the coal industry, one of our top electricity producers. This will no doubt have repercussions on consumers within a few short months.

There only seems to be one solution to all of this: reduce our energy consumption. We can accomplish this by many simple ways. We can use fluorescent bulbs, which use only 20% of the energy of standard bulbs, and have become very inexpensive to buy these days. Turning off lights in unused rooms is another age-old method that can have dramatic effects on your electric bill. Using cold water instead of hot whenever possible can also reduce your utility usage.

These are all fantastic methods that can cut your bill almost in half, but wouldn’t it be better if you could go even farther, perhaps eliminating your power bill altogether?

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About the Author: Ron Harral is a contractor in Pendleton, Oregon, specializing in residential construction.


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