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Submitted by: Jennifer Cheek

Question: 1

Refer to Exhibit

Which type of HPE Backup and Archive configuration is displayed?

A. HPE StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central

B. HPE 3PAR File Persona Software NDMP backup

C. Veeam backup to HPE StoreOnce with tape offload

D.HPE 3PAR File Persona Share backup

Answer: D

Question: 2

A company has a 7-building campus with a primary and a secondary data center. HPE 3PAR StoreServ is used for primary storage These arrays are complemented by the deployment of HPE StoreOnce and HPE StoreEver Major departments at this location are Research, Marketing, and Sales.

The Marketing group works with images and has very large files. They actively promote a product for 1 year, with an additional 1-3 month period of coexistence with the follow-on product After that, they keep the files indefinitely for reference use and an occasional retro advertisement Marketing requires rapid access to the current materials and economical storage for the older campaigns

Which data protection method will allow Marketing to cost effectively maintain their images over the 15 month product life?

A. remote replication

YouTube Preview Image

B. local replication

C. backup

D. archive

Answer: B

Question: 3

A company has a 7-buildmg campus with a primary and a secondary data center. HPE 3PAR StoreServ is used for primary storage These arrays are complemented by the deployment of HPE StoreOnce and HPE StoreEver. Major departments at this location are Research, Marketing, and Sales.

The Research department must comply with government regulations that require them to keep their data for 25 years Researchers need rapid access to live data and must run the data through multiple scenarios. They also need to have copies of the data for each stage of the development cycle.

Which methodology will allow the Research department to effectively run multiple scenarios on the same data set?

A. remote replication

B. local replication

C. backup

D. archive

Answer: D

Question: 4

What is a disadvantage of Breakaway Mirror Clones?

A. Data is at risk during the break.

B. Deleted files are not tracked.

C. Multiple sets of data exist.

D. They increase the I/O load to resynchronize.

Answer: D

Question: 5

Refer to Exhibit:

You size an HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) solution for a customer’s environment. The customer uses two HPE StoreServ systems and wants to run eight Recovery Set backups in parallel. To achieve the RTO, 4.5 TB of data must be restored per hou

What is the minimum configuration that must be planned for the RMC host?

A. 2 vCPU / 8 GB VRAM


C. 8 vCPU / 32 GB VRAM

D. 16 vCPU/64 GB VRAM

Answer: C

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Emotional Distance From Bail Bonds In New Haven

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byAlma Abell

Bail Bonds in New Haven can be obtained rather easily if a family makes the right phone call. After an unexpected arrest, a loved one is often facing criminal charges. During these troubling and confusing times, a family becomes emotionally distraught. They may not be able to come up with the proper funds, or they may make a mistake in handling this precarious situation.

Connecticut is a vast landscape with tens of thousands of people. Afford a Bail Bail Bonds services the below counties:

* Windham* Tolland* Hartford* New London* New Haven* Middlesex* Litchfield* Fairfield

If an arrested individual winds up in one of these counties, they can give the company an immediate call. Representatives exist in all these regions, so an individual is not stuck being booked and processed in for hours on end while a single agent from across the state tries to deal with paperwork. Knowledgeable professionals put no one ahead of clients- including red tape employees who seek to make the process more convoluted than necessary. Fortunately, experienced Bail Bonds bondsmen facilitate a release professionally and seamlessly. family is often left confused and vindictive after an arrest.

They are unsure of what occurred and if it was justified. Unfortunately, the system is set up to favor the prison systems. For example, who provides the bond? The family or a close friend is usually there to service the bond, especially in a small criminal situation. But families are always the closest, and they have the greatest emotional investment in the situation. This way, their feelings towards the arrested individual are bias and confused.

A few specific responses often happen. One is that a family member is spiteful. This could be the case of an individual with multiple arrests, or someone committing a crime that was deserving of their arrest. But rarely does a whole family believe the same way. Because of the close emotional attachment, Bail Bonds in New Haven become more complex than necessary. This is where Afford a Bail Bail Bonds steps in and removes that emotional connection. They get that job done efficiently, without worrying about the emotional aspect that often distracts.

Pro And Home Gym Equipment}

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Pro And Home Gym Equipment


Keith GeorgeExercise has become an integral part of everyday life of most people. An individual spends at least some part of his life in exercise. Exercise can be done with equipment or without equipment. Training equipments helps in exercising a specific part or group of muscles or organs of the body. Today a wide range of gym equipment are available in the market.

The most common equipments for training are multigyms, treadmills, swiss balls, dumb bells, bar bells, rowing machines, exercise bicycles, balance boards, abdomen exercisers resistance bands and punching bags. There are various facilities, equipment associated with gym equipment like heart rate monitors, sauna baths, swimming pools etc.

A multigym consists of incremented weight plates that move up and down on steel guides. It usually consists of attachments for exercise of chest, arms, thighs, calves, shoulders and pectorals (sometimes called wings or pecs).

YouTube Preview Image

Treadmill is an equipment used for running without moving any distance. It consists of a conveyor belt which slides on rollers on which the individual can run or walk.

Swiss ball or yoga ball is a rubber ball of 50 to 85 cm which is used to develop balance and exercise the abdominal and back muscles.

Dumbbells and bar bells are the traditional gym equipment. They consist of variable or fixed free weights attached to a small or long bar. They are lifted against gravity to tone muscles like biceps, triceps, forearm muscles, chest and shoulder muscles etc. They usually come in pairs.

Rowing machines are gym equipment designed to stimulate rowing in water. They are used to exercise pecs and back muscles.

Exercise bicycles are stationery bicycles with resistance discs for wheels. They are used to exercise thigh and calf muscles.

Balance board consists of a board fixed on a bearing. It is used to develop balance. Abdomen exerciser consists of an inclined board with leg rollers for doing sit ups. It is used to exercise the stomach and abdomen muscles. All the above equipment except free weights have attached electronics to monitor number of cycles and other parameters. Resistance bands are elastic bands and in these the resistance of the band to stretching is used to exercise muscles like quadriceps and deltoids.

Punching bag consists of sand filled cushioned bags or other rugged material bags for practice by boxers. They are either hung from the ceiling or fixed on a stand.

Most professional gyms have the above mentioned equipment along with other facilities like swimming pools, sauna baths, steam baths etc.

For a home gym, a multigym with a few dumbbells and barbells are sufficient for workout of the entire body. The starting price of a multigym is around 1500$. The cost of other equipment varies according to the make.

Keith George always writes about valuable news & reviews.

A related resource is Gym EquipmentFurther information can be found at Questions & Answers

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The Online Marketing Helping Hand: Getting Your Company Blog To Do More Than Improve Seo

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The Online Marketing Helping Hand: Getting Your Company Blog to Do More Than Improve SEO



Honestly, writers block isn t fun. It happens in online marketing, though, because when it comes to crafting a company blog, trying to get your message across without rehashing, or veering off- track, is a challenge. Creating content for your site is supposed to help your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. But it should also work in concert with your online marketing efforts to create conversions, or win over consumers. However, if you aren t creating any buzz with people specifically interested in what you do, then what s the use?

First things first

It s good to have goals, realistic ones. If you re conducting an online marketing plan, the goals should be the first thing you consider. Who am I trying to reach? What action do I want them to take? If you re writing a blog for your website, it s particularly important to imagine the audience, and then feed them what they need. Right now, I am wondering who you are, what issues you might be having, and how this blog post might help you to produce better content, or at least more accurately targeted content.

Getting to the point

Generating traffic is typically the number one goal of most blogs. Should it be? You may be receiving lots of visits, but are they staying long enough to demonstrate that they are interested in your offerings? Are they the audience you are targeting?

If they don t find your blog through search, your visitors are likely coming to you through social media channels. Social media is increasingly becoming an effective SEO tool. The social bookmarking site StumbleUpon is responsible for more than half of U.S. Social media referral traffic. While you may be getting high numbers from them, or from Facebook or Twitter referrals, are they the audience you want? You need to determine if you re drawing the right crowd.

YouTube Preview Image

Assessing the traffic

Traffic to your site may be coming from various referral sites. Do some research to understand the typical user of those sources, like Twitter, Digger, or Reddit and decide if this is who you want, or better yet, who really needs you? If the referral source doesn t match up with you and your goals, try focusing more on promoting your site elsewhere. Industry related blogs, and your current social media channels may not be bringing as much traffic, but you are more likely to get visitors that actually engage.


Make certain that your blogs are focused on your core offerings, and are related to your keywords. Blogging about something too far outside those parameters, even if it s interesting stuff, will only bring curious readers, not serious consumers. Develop blog themes around the keywords your target audience is likely using.


Getting great rankings as a result of effective search engine optimization and generating lots of traffic on your site may feel good. But in the long run, it s not doing you any good if visitors don t have engagement potential. You want to attract people that need, or want, what your offer, not that just have time on their hands to lurk around people s sites. Choosing the right social channels for pushing content, and understanding referrals, is going to aid you in developing a clear message, but also in drawing valuable potential customers.

Some Help

If you re struggling with how to write your company blog take a look at these 50 ideas from Entrepenuer Magazine

What are you doing to attract the right crowd? If you d like to know how to make the most out of blogging for more than just SEO, contact us and we can help you with some options.

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Avax Consulting Inc. A

marketing consultant Atlanta

specializing in Web hosting in Atlanta and

digital marketing services

. We are passionate about providing innovative web solutions. We are based in Atlanta, Georgia with international office in India.

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Get The Consulting Services Of Microsoft Office Specialist In Melbourne

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Get The Consulting Services Of Microsoft office specialist in Melbourne



For the better functioning and organization of your documents, Microsoft Word experts assist you with technical solutions to problems arising from Microsoft Word. It is a team of committed Microsoft office specialist in Melbourne who cater to your difficulties without compromising on the quality of the resolution that they avail you with. This company has expanded its services to most parts of Australia and even New Zealand.

The designers will cater to all your requirements of Microsoft office and Word. Microsoft Office specialists in Melbourne has more than twenty five years of experience, this company is spread across different countries implementing their technical solutions so that the company may exceed their customer expectations and thereby gain respect by being acknowledged as their very own Ms Office Experts. The company is built with an incredible Software development background which makes them unique and reliable.

Microsoft Office specialist in Melbourne has been in this field for a very long time and hence has mastered the art of designing and programming. Their motto is plain and simple. They intend on working meticulously to provide high quality solutions to their customers by personalising their needs and instead turning our working strategies through which they can benefit from it. Covering almost all the versions of Microsoft word from 2000 to 2013 their team of experts will assist you in every aspect without any fail. Their solutions are spread across many industries including Retail, manufacturing, Financial Services, Environmental, mining and exploration.\\r\\nThe services of this company have been useful to not just the businesses but also many other institutes and organizations. Some of which are: The Money Institute\\r\\n

YouTube Preview Image

Breast Cancer Institute

Solar Wise

Arrow energy

Lend Lease

Uniting care

Window line

Environmental Monitoring services\\r\\n Smart School\\r\\n Insure4Less\\r\\n Davea Water Products\\r\\n HCEA\\r\\n Chill IIT\\r\\n Australian Business Consultants\\r\\nThis company is an expert in many ways. The list of services that you can expect from this company is as follows:\\r\\n They assist their users by helping them upgrade to newer versions of access when the existing version becomes slow and redundant.\\r\\n Complex database design\\r\\n Access database migration to for or web based application using SQL server: When there is abundant data, then the access database becomes slow. In this case, the data is shifted to another source like the SQL server backend database server and the remaining screens are stored with us.\\r\\n Database performance issues\\r\\n Automating tasks\\r\\n Custom form and report development\\r\\n Upgrading from past versions\\r\\n Data importing and exporting\\r\\n Integration to and from external systems including MYOB, Pronto and other such applications\\r\\n VBA programmer, Macro developer\\r\\nThe services of Ms Office Consultants at Melbourne have been top notch in all of the above situations as their primary aim was to provide speedy yet quality services which would perfectly suit the needs of the customers without them having to compromise on their time and budget. Thus, the services that they offer are cost effective and time saving.\\r\\nIf you are currently undergoing any difficulty or might get stuck somewhere in the future while dealing with Microsoft Office then contact them by visiting www.officeexperts.com.au or by calling at 1300 10 28 10.\\r\\n\\r\\n

The designers will cater to all your requirements of Microsoft office and Word. Microsoft Office specialists in Melbourne has more than twenty five years of experience, this company is spread across different countries implementing their technical solutions so that

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Sell Your Second Hand Forklift Trucks At Best Price}

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Sell your Second Hand Forklift Trucks at Best Price


Payal Gupta

Do you have the conviction you can sell your second hand forklift truck at a very affordable price? You feel you will get a good bargain for it and will not have to trouble yourself too much scouting for the right buyers? In case you have the wisdom and resourcefulness to pull off an act like this, well and good. In case you are a little incompetent in doing this, consider the following tip being mentioned and described below. The money comes pouring in and at the end, you feel very delighted with the bargain you get and seem to revel in it.

YouTube Preview Image

Warehouses are a good place where you stand a chance to strike a good bargain for second hand forklift trucks. Chances are definitely that your deal will do you good and ensure you sell well. These are the same places where the behemoth machines are driven around all the time and also where used fork lift truck servicing is a commonality. Warehouses are categorically meant for forklifts just like stables are for horses. Approach as many warehouses as you can and show the officials over there what your machine looks like. In case they like it, they will definitely give buying it a thought. Else, they will make their intentions pretty clear.

Then you have those facilities and centers which auction second hand forklift trucks. The thing with such centers is they buy second hand forklift trucks and believe firmly in the process of used forklift truck servicing. They purchase used machines and put them through a mechanism where they get thoroughly cleansed. Embracing and adopting used forklift truck servicing ensures the machines are washed well and can be sold for a higher price than what it would have initially fetched had it been sold just like that. You can go to such outfits and talk to them about a potential sale. The price will definitely be good and you will be benefitted anyhow.

Then you have recycling centers. What these centers do is they recycle the machine completely and turn it into something else. Second hand forklift trucks are what they buy and they recycle it in such a way that the machines are completely neutralized. They also do a lot of used forklift truck servicing before the machines get packed off for recycling. Once the servicing happens, the machines are sent to a facility where part by part the whole thing gets neutralized and turned into nothing.

These are some of the many places where you can go and have a talk about your machines and whether you will potentially get a good deal for them or not. The machine, if in good condition, will by all definite means fetch you the price that interests you best. You will most probably get a good bargain and feel satisfied with what you receive. You will be the happiest to see your machines off after you are done rubbing your hands off them.

The Forklift offers

second hand forklift trucks


forklift truck servicing

and used fork lift in UK. For more information please visit http://www.theforkliftcompany.net

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Sell your Second Hand Forklift Trucks at Best Price