Five Tips For Buying The Best Aromatherapy Oils

By Vincent DeLuca

Walking into an aromatherapy supply store can feel like walking into a slice of heaven. The sweet scent of aromatic skin care solutions excite the soul while the tantalizing aromas coming from scented candles steal the show. However, the aromatherapy connoisseur knows that not every scented oil and sweet smelling candle on the shelf contains healing power. Here are five tips to help you find only the best in aromatherapy products.

Tip #1: Check the bottle. If your aromatherapy essential oil is in a clear bottle or a plastic bottle, then you should not get it. Light has a damaging effect on oil and truly essential aromatherapy oils can be contaminated when stored in plastic bottles.

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Tip #2: Check the label. Keywords such as ‘perfume’ or ‘fragrance oil’ are a big sign that the oils contained within the bottle are not pure essential aromatherapy oils. Even though the bottle may have the term aromatherapy printed on it, if you see natural identical oil or fragrance oil on the label, then your aromatherapy oil more than likely contains unwanted perfumery chemicals.

Tip #3: Check for dust. If you see an aromatherapy product on the shelf that has dust on its cap or around its container, then avoid getting it. Dust generally means that your aromatherapy product is old. Like many other types of oil and solutions, as aromatherapy products age, they lose their healing powers and aromatic scent.

Tip #4: Check the price. Different types of aromatherapy oils demand different prices. Pure therapeutic oils that are exotic cost more than aromatherapy oils that are more common. If every bottle of aromatherapy oil is the same price, you may want to reconsider.

Tip #5: Do your research. Each type of aromatherapy oil has a different therapeutic quality. The scent of aromatic essential oils such as cypress is good for treating coughs and asthma. However, the scent of Patchouli is used for anxiety, depression, and healing skin conditions.

Don’t let the sweet talk of the salesman override the natural therapeutic power of pure essential aromatherapy oils. Whether you are purchasing your aromatherapy supplies from one of the many great online retailers or from the local establishment at the shopping center down the road, by following these five tips you can avoid the pitfalls and start enjoying the healing power of aromatherapy.

About the Author: Vincent DeLuca is author of ‘Healing Health from Home.’ To learn more about aromatherapy and purchasing aromatherapy supplies, look at the aromatherapy resources available at


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Hurricane Proof Windows Are A Must In A Storm Region

By Jerry K. Blackburn

If you live on the coast then you have probably lived through more than one hurricane. It is never a bad idea to remember how to be safe when living in a hurricane prone region. Some hurricanes are really like big storms while others can be very dangerous happenings. Follow these tips to keep readiness and hurricane preparation and storm protection in the forefront of your mind.

Train the Family

You can never be overly prepared when it comes to your family’s safety, so make sure everyone is in on a plan. You should all know what each other’s roles are in hurricane safety. You can also have a spot to meet in other than your home. If you have hurricane proof windows you may need to close the shutters, so someone should be responsible for that. You may want to teach the kids on to close hurricane windows as extra training for them.

Hurricane Emergency Kit

During a hurricane all you can do is weather the storm, but afterwards you might need to have a kit to help you out. You should make a box of everything you may need such as first aid kit, clean water, food, flashlight and batteries, a portable radio, medications, and candles. You will need these things if you loose power or water.

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Your Neighborhood

You should know how to escape from your town or city in the event of a major hurricane. There are some storm that you should not stay around for and knowing how to get out fast will save you time. You should always take evacuation orders from the local government very seriously and make sure to leave. It may seem overly cautious, but it’s better safe than sorry.


Make sure that you have enough food and water in your house before a hurricane. It is better to store some so you don’t need to rush out and fight the crowds before the storm hits. You should always have enough medication on hand so that anyone in your family with medical needs won’t run out. Fill up your tub before the storm hits so you have extra water in case it goes out.

Around Your Home

Clean up around your property for any loose sticks and have your trees trimmed regularly. This will keep your home safer from flying tree limbs and other debris. Board up your windows too.

Buy Gas

You should always keep your gas tank near full if you live in a storm prone region during hurricane season. You never know when you might have to flee with your family and you don’t want to risk running out of gas on the road or fighting mobs of people at the gas station.

Take Care Of Your Pets

You might be afraid to leave your pets at home during a storm. You do need to think of your safety first, but if you can try to take them in the car with you. Many hotels and motels will let your pets stay with you in the room.

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Scented Soy Candles And The Environment

By Tom Watson

Forget about the air fresheners that come in aerosol cans. As far as that goes, forget about the fresheners that plug into an outlet and the ones that stick under your cupboard or drawer. The fresheners that sit on the table or counter and occasionally spew out a puff of deodorized airforget about those too.

Not that the mentioned products are bad or inefficient. Maybe it is because they are not very eco friendly.

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a better way to make your dwelling smell heavenly and fresh, without jeopardizing the ozone layer. So let us discuss soy candles.

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Not just any soy candles, but the soy candles made with the natural soy wax, the lead free cotton wicks and essential oils.

Natural soy wax burns clean and melts at a lower temperature, unlike a paraffin wax. It is no danger to the environment because it is natural. Using this product shows support for the farmer, as the soybean plant is harvested and used in many ways. A versatile crop in its own right, the soybean farmer will benefit every growing season.

If you have ever burned a candle and noticed a black smoke or emission coming out of the flame, it can most likely be blamed on the lead that is concentrated in the wick. In this case, you were not burning a candle with a natural cotton wick. Using other than a soy candle with a natural cotton wick harms the environment in your home. If these leaded wicks are burned often in your home, it can show up in fabrics, such as linens and draperies.

To give your home the benefit of great aromas, consider the scented soy candle. A soy candle that includes essential oils that are incorporated when the candle is being made will make it scented. Essential oils come from certain aromatic plants and as the wax melts, the molecules of the plant extract are what you smell as the candle is being burned. Most all of these aromatic essential oils create a heavenly fragrance and are used often in Aromatherapy.

Not enough can be said about protecting our natural environment, the ozone layer or the air in our homes. Any product used these days should be scrutinized or replaced, if at all possible, when it is not ecologically friendly. It is for the greater good of our health and our planet to use products that will not harm us.

The scented soy candle with the lead free cotton wick is a healthy, eco friendly product. If you burn candles in your home, consider them, give them a try and rid yourself of those aerosol cans.

About the Author: Tom Watson is the owner of Black Iron Junction. He is introducing a unique line of scented soy votive candles! These votives have lead-free natural cotton wicks, natural soy wax and are enhanced with essential oilsan eco-friendly product. Visit here today


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