Sunday, November 4, 2018

This Sunday, Ross Edgley, aged 33, completed his 157 days (five-month) staged swim around Great Britain mainland. He went ashore at Margate, Thanet, Kent, England at 8.40am. This was the first time a man swam the 2,800 km around the island.

The finish line was marked by a large air-filled construction at the beach, with the ‘Red Bull’ brand on it. Upon reaching the shore, Ross Edgley was welcomed by a large crowd, several hundreds of people. This included the Cllr Rosamund Dixon, Mayor of Margate. People ordered three pizzas for Ross Edgley at the local park, Dreamland.

Ross Edgley said, “It feels a bit weird on land, a bit too solid for my liking! I almost fell over when I started to jog into shore. My feelings now are pride, tiredness and relief. It’s been a team effort and it’s thanks to the whole crew, the support I’ve received from the public.”

300 swimmers had joined Ross Edgley on the last mile. Two Red Bull planes also accompanied the swimmer at the last mile.

Ross Edgley had been swimming 6 to 12 hours every day in a wetsuit. He spent the remaining time eating or sleeping on his support boat, a catamaran named ‘Hectate’. Sailor Matthew Knight had been piloting the catamaran.

Ross Edgley has also been sharing photos and text about the adventure on Instagram. The photos and communication showed that he faced problems with jellyfish and large waves, while in other times the weather favoured his swim. He also sustained bruised feet as a result of the swimming. In the salt environment he also had dry tongue, which he helped by eating more yogurt.

Previously on August 14, on the 74th day of the swim, Ross Edgley had beaten the Guinness record on the longest staged sea swim, 73 days. Ross Edgley had started the swim on June 1 this year. Red Bull had supported his venture.

Earlier in January this year Ross Edgley had climbed 8,848 metres, the height of Mount Everest, on a rope in less than 24 hours. Ross Edgley was an author of a fitness guide, and former professional water polo player.

Ross Edgley was born in Lincolnshire.